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Oral Histology

  • الكود :
    DHST 222
  • المستوى :
    بيانات المقرر
  • ساعات المقرر :
    3.00 ساعة
  • القسم :
    Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine

بيانات المحتضر :

المجال التعليمى :

• To be in line with updates in oral biology. • To supply broad background about histology, embryology and physiology of oral and dental tissues. • To act as a base for understanding the clinical courses such as oral pathology, oral surgery and oral medicine. • To allow the development and application of appropriate professional attitude as well as communication and practical skills of the students.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Oral Histology

1.Embryology 2.Periodontal ligament 3.Bone and alveolar process 4.Oral mucosa 5.Salivary glands 6.Maxillary sinus- Stem cells 7.Temporomandibular joint-

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Oral Histology

نتائج المقرر:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1- Define the different oral and para oral structures, with reference to regenerative cells.
2- Describe embryology of oral and para oral tissues.
3- Recall the structure and functions of different oral and para oral tissues
4- Distinguish the different hard and soft oral tissues.

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- Differentiate between the different oral and para oral tissues
2- Extrapolate any abnormalities that might affect the normal oral and para oral tissues
3- Summarize the histological age changes of oral and para oral tissues.
4- Corelate the clinical significance associated with certain oral and para oral structures.

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- Draw the histological structures of oral and para oral tissues
2- Apply the technical steps for preparation of tooth ground and decalcified microscopic sections as well as the main histological and histochemical stains.

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- Communicate effectively with colleagues, staff members and helping personnel
2- Demonstrate appropriate professional attitude and behavior in different situations.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Oral Histology

موضوعات المقرر ومحتواه:

الموضوع عدد الساعات المحاضر عملى /نظرى
Embryology 16 8 8
Periodontal ligament 8 4 4
Bone and alveolar process 9 5 4
Oral mucosa 16 8 8
Salivary glands 15 7 8
Maxillary sinus- Stem cells 4 2 2
Temporomandibular joint- 4 2 2

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Oral Histology

التعليم والمناهج:

طريقة التعليم
Lectures / Online lectures
Practical and Small group sessions: a. Each practical session's preceded by slide tutorial demonstration, description and drawing of oral tissues and class discussions. b. Demonstration for tissue identification using data show.
Students draw in their practical books under supervision of the responsible staff members and helping personnel in small subgroups

منهجية التعليم :

Oral Histology

تقييم الكورس :

طريقة التقييم الوزن النسبى % رقم الاسبوع ماذا تقيم ؟
Final practical Examination 15.00
Final term Examination 25.00
Oral examination to assess knowledge and understanding 10.00
Practical examination to assess practical skills & intellectual skills & general skills 25.00
written examination to assess knowledge and understanding 25.00

الوزن النسبى :

Oral Histology


الكتاب المؤلف الناشر
Netter's Essential Histology, 3th ed. (E-book) William K. Ovalle Elsevier Inc.
Textbook of Histology, 5th ed. (E-book) Leslie P. Gartner Elsevier Inc.

ملاحظات المقرر :

• All lectures are available for students from the faculty as a soft copy. • Textbooks: Mary Bath-Balogh,Margaret J. Fehrenbach, Dental Embryology Histology and anatomy 4th Edition, 2015. • Websites related to the study subject • Computer presentations used during teaching • Handouts for certain topics

الكتب المرشحة :

Recommended Books: 1. Textbook of Oral Development & Histology; James Avery. 2. Tencate's Oral Histology; Antonio Nanci.

الموقع الالكترونى :

Science Direct PubMed

لمزيد من المعلومات :

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