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Our facility is designed to accommodate 200 fully-equipped dental units, which are distributed among seven clinics.  
  • There are five large clinics two of each are fully functional, whilst the remaining three clinics are currently under construction. One of these clinics will be designated to serve different residency programs.
  • An additional three-unit dental clinic is also available for diagnostic and minor surgical procedures.
  • A five-unit dental clinic is assigned to continuing education.
Each clinic is independently appointed with its own nursing staff, sterilization, dental X-rays, and filing units.
The hospital building is designed to accommodate almost 200 fully equipped dental units that are distributed evenly across the five large clinics.  
  • Currently, two clinics are fully functioning, whilst the other three major clinics are under construction in order to serve the natural expansion and increase in student numbers.
  • Another large clinic is also under construction in order to accommodate the graduating students in 2011-2012 during their internship, where they will be following a comprehensive dental care program, besides many continuing education courses that are being prepared for our graduating students.
  • A three unit clinic is also available for diagnosis and for minor dental surgeries.


Our facility is appointed with: 
  • ten digital intraoral X-ray units,
  • a panoramic and a cephalometric x-ray unit,
  • cone beam CT.
All X-ray units are network connected to facilitate database insertion, sharing, and management.