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The Internship Program

The faculty offers a fully accredited internship training program, which is compulsory after graduation for students wishing to be licensed as qualified dentists. Fresh graduates are encouraged to spend their one year internship in our fully equipped up-to-date special clinics. A rotation of duties in the various clinical departments forms the basis of this program and the dental intern has the opportunity and is encouraged to follow elective study, research, and participation in a suitable advanced clinical activity, not already included in the program.

Program Mission

An intern’s course lasts twelve months, with special emphasis on clinical dentistry and is designed in such way that the intern diagnoses and treats patients in a setting which closely resembles a modern group practice.

The aim of the program is to give the intern the opportunity of gaining experience in advanced aspects of general dentistry, including diagnosis, radiology, oral medicine, periodontics, operative dentistry, removable and fixed prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral and emergency surgery with local anesthesia, and implant dentistry.


  • To graduate proficient general dentists trained beyond an undergraduate level.
  • To develop the interns’ analytical skills and enhance their knowledge in delivering quality dental care in all clinical disciplines and in making clinical judgments using evidence-based diagnoses and in treatment planning.
  • To graduate proficient general dentists who understand the importance of lifelong learning and professional development.
  • To broaden the perspective of recent dental school graduates by giving them the opportunity to observe, assist, and experience techniques not commonly found in the undergraduate curricula.

Upon completion of the program, it is expected that:

  • The interns will demonstrate proficiency in clinical applications related to the dental care of patients.
  • The interns would have had the experience to interact with various health practitioners in order to diagnose and treat patients.
  • The interns will be familiar with the review of journals in different specialties of dentistry.
  • The interns will have experience in diagnosing and treating dental emergencies.


  • The interns will be able to diagnose and perform dental care on patients.
  • A review of the literature on different branches of dentistry will occur on a biweekly basis during the twelve- month course.
  • The interns will present two documented cases to their fellow interns and faculty.
  • The interns will attend local, regional, and national dental meetings.
  • The interns will attend different workshops throughout the twelve month program.
  • Programs on implant dentistry in the form of lectures, seminars, and clinical cases are part of the program.
  • For the first time in the Middle East, the student will be allowed to diagnose and treat an orthodontic case within one year of graduation and observe the treatment of difficult cases more than one year after that.
  • Interns will attend general anesthesia programs in the dental hospital.
  • The internship is a mandatory year for attaining the Bachelor degree.
  • All interns will follow the twelve month program at the University.
  • At the end of the successful twelve month period, interns will receive a certificate of completion, which will qualify them for the bachelor’s degree.
  • The interns will be divided in two groups working three days in the clinic and one day attending seminars and a journal club.
  • The working hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Each department will set minimum requirements which are mandatory for completion of the twelve month program.
  • Each department will set minimum requirements which are mandatory for completion of the twelve month program
  • Evaluating the progress of the interns will be observed on a monthly basis and this will include covering periodontics, oral medicine, diagnosis, and X- ray techniques.


Interns will be proficient in the diagnosis of periodontal disease and proficient in recording probing depth, CAL, recession, mobility and furcation, and the prognosis of the teeth. They will be proficient in the practice of oral hygiene .They will understand the objectives of the different available periodontal surgeries and will be able to recognize an abnormal lesion in the mouth and diagnose its cure.  
  • The intern will be proficient in taking periapical radiographs and be able to interpret them.
  • The interns will be able to interpret panoramic radiographs and in cone beam compute tomograms.
  • The interns will record all the different records in a Pressure-Temperature (PT) chart.
  • The interns will perform scaling and root planning using manual and ultrasonic instruments. The intern will perform at least thirty cases of scaling and root planning.
  • The interns will perform at least one surgical periodontal procedure.
  • The interns will have the opportunity to observe and assist in periodontal surgical procedures.
  • Literature review will be provided for biopsy.
  • The intern will perform diagnosis and preliminary diagnosis in the screening clinic of at least twenty cases.
  • Basic didactic lectures will be provided to the interns.

Operative Dentistry


  • The intern will be proficient in different techniques and the in the use of different materials used to reconstruct teeth with fillings.
  • The interns will perform class I, class II, class III, class IV and class V.
  • The intern will perform at least forty filings with the minimum of five cases of class II, III and V.
  • The intern will observe and assist in using for inlays or on lays.
  • Literature review will be provided in dental materials and operative dentistry.
  • Basic didactic lectures will be provided to the interns.


The interns will be proficient in diagnosing irreversible pulpitis, acute and chronic periapical abscesses, and granulomas. They will manage the emergency tx and perform root canal treatment to anterior teeth. They will also be able treat premolars and molars.
  • Perform at least fifteen single root canal treatments, documented by X- rays.
  • Perform at least four cases of multi-rooted teeth.
  • Review literature.
  • They will observe and assist in apicectomies performed by microscope.
  • Interns will be trained for contemporary root canal cases using endodontic microscopes.


  • Complete dentures.
  • Removable Crown and bridges.


The intern will be able to manage children and to diagnose and perform treatment on primary and permanent teeth.
  • The interns will perform fifteen operative cases, ten pulpotomies, and root canal if needed.
  • At least fifteen fillings and five pulpotomies.
  • Literature review.
  • Can observe and assist cases performed in general anesthesia.

Oral Maxillofacial Department:

  • The interns will increase their skill in performing different techniques of local anesthesia and in extracting at least forty teeth and the remaining roots.
  • Assist and observe in minor oral surgical procedures.
  • Each intern will attend a rotation at the university hospital to observe major oral and maxillofacial surgeries and be familiar with general anesthesia procedures.
  • Didactic lectures and review articles.