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Faculty Overview


Faculty Overview
The Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine at Future University is an accredited private dental faculty that provides instruction based on a sound knowledge of dentistry and its various disciplines. The faculty follows the highest standards of education by implementing a dynamic curriculum with an emphasis on contemporary clinical training.
The health sciences are integrated with clinical experience and supported by modern technology. Our state of the art facility supports the academic program with the most technologically advanced dental equipment available. Instruction is conducted in an ethical and professional environment in which dental care is provided for our patients. Our success is predicated on maintaining a strong faculty and staff who are committed to teaching, research, student services, and community service. We take pride in preparing our students for the practice of dentistry in the twenty-first Century.

Serving the Community

Faculty Overview
The faculty is committed to offering our services and expertise to benefit the health and welfare of the community. To accomplish this goal the faculty provides free oral and dental care to underprivileged and disadvantaged people. Senior students, with the help of faculty and staff provide care in performing basic oral screening, preventive dentistry, restorations, and extractions. In addition to providing direct medical services, the program educates patients in oral hygiene, refraining from smoking, and the prevention of dental caries, periodontal disease, and oral cancer.

FUE Educational Philosophy

Faculty Overview
All faculties, including dentistry, embrace the University’s mission to “promote an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity.” To achieve this mission, certain pillars of the University education are embedded in the curricula of all faculties. These competencies or "pillars of a Future University education" include the following: Critical thinking: objective analysis; the evaluation of information and concepts from multiple perspectives.
Knowledge integration: application and synthesis of information and concepts from diverse disciplines Effective communication: a facility in oral and written communications, and the use of visual resources and technology for communication Social responsibility: respectful and civil treatment of others, active participation in civil and democratic institutions, protection of the environment, and intelligent use of natural resources. 
Together with information literacy, the “pillars” prepare our graduates to be productive members of society, and who value lifelong learning.


Faculty Overview
To fulfill the requirements for licensing to practice dentistry, students must complete a one year internship after graduation. The University is fortunate to have a fully equipped, state of the art, dental hospital, where students perfect their skills with faculty-monitored work on real patients in the dental clinic. Students receive experience in virtually all aspects of general dentistry by rotating their work experience in all the various clinical departments.

Program Requirements

Faculty Overview
To receive a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine, students must successfully complete a five year academic program consisting of 211 credit hours. The first two years concentrate on academic course requirements that build a strong background in life and biomedical sciences. The third year prepares students for patient-based clinical experience, while in the fourth and fifth year, students develop their diagnostic and treatment skills through patient-oriented clinical experience, supervised by faculty and staff.