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Introduction to Dental Implants

Removable Prosthodontics Department, FUE

Course Director
Dr / Hossam Nassar & Dr l Hesham Ibrahim

This course will provide the attendees with the rationale for implants dentistry, implant components and terminology and treatment planning for fixed and removable prosthesis for dental implant cases.

Course Objectives
1- Review the generic terminology of implant components and Osseo integration.
2- Learn how to build treatment plans based on patient evaluation for bone density and Quantity
3- Know the different prosthetic options either fixed or removable
4- Diagnose different cases utilizing different diagnostic tools
(casts, 2D images and 3D images)
5- Learn different impression techniques in implant dentistry
Course contents
1- Implant terminology
2- Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
3- Implant prosthetic options
4- Different impression techniques
5- Each clinician will practice implant placement on mandible
model of different bone quality

Fees: 1000 LE/participant including insertion of one implant on
a model of mandible
- 200 $ for non-Egyptian
Course duration: 2 days
Credit Hours: 8 hours
Course candidates: 10 (min) 20 (max) applicants