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The Head of the Department’s Welcome Message

The Head of the Department’s Welcome Message
The department’s staff welcomes students to learn all about restorative dentistry, esthetic considerations in operative dentistry, bonding to tooth tissues, and indirect esthetic restorations. You will also learn how to manage of non-carious lesions, the management of badly broken down teeth, and the failure and repair of restorations.

The student will also learn diagnosis, case selection, and treatment planning for individual cases, and reach a high level of competency in clinical endodontics. They will also learn how to deal with traumatic dental injuries, periapical surgery, and the bleaching of discolored teeth.

They will also learn the basic properties of dental materials and analyze their benefits and limitations, in order to make rational decisions on the selection of dental materials and their use in a clinical practice.

Professor Essam Abdel Hafez