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The Head of the Department’s Welcome Note

The Head of the Department’s Welcome Note
Dear students,

On behalf of the department, I would like to welcome students to learning the art of diagnosis and treatment planning for completely edentulous patients, impression making, jaw relation recording and occlusion, relining and rebasing, principles of partial denture design, and mouth preparation. You will learn how to manage and treat flat and flabby ridges, immediate dentures, over-dentures, single dentures, and dental implants, as well as maxillofacial prosthodontics.

The faculty will also teach students diagnosis and treatment planning for fixed prosthodontics, partial coverage restorations, provisional restoration, impression materials and techniques, and clinical steps from tooth preparation to final cementation of restorations. Students will learn different fixed prosthodontics designs, connectors, precision attachments, color science and shade selection, metal ceramic restoration and occlusion. They will learn the basics of tooth preparation and recognize and use the different surgical instruments and understand the different technical laboratory steps employed in construction of various types of restorations.

Professor Hussein Elcharkawy